Friday, March 19, 2010

Got One

So all I had to do was bitch a little and then before you know it I had an arrest. I'm not kidding earlier when I said it's been a month since I've put anyone in jail. And today whalaa!! hes got drugs. And before you get upset at me for arresting a dude for like hardly any weed that stupid F***er hid a bag under his balls and dropped it in my car while we were going to the jail. He even tried to kick it up under my seat and hide it from me. Like I wouldn't notice the disgusting odor of his skanky ass weed in my otherwise clean car.

That kind of thing pisses me off. I almost let him go because I really thought he didn't have any more than some burnt blunts and like half a gram in a bag, left overs. Then the ass ends up with 4 in his crotch. This is why I love my job. I went with my gut and arrested the guy anyway and he ends up a liar. I got the liar and I believe he deserves the worst punishment he can get. Nothing bothers me more than liars.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Just In

The new car is awsome!! Pictures will follow...but probably not on the here since I don't have a picture application yet. I've tried more than one and none of them work like I want them to. I really wish I were more tech savy. Maybe in my next life because I really don't have the drive to learn more.

I haven't updated this in a while because honeslty, life is boring. I haven't played any new games seen any good movies or had a whole hell of a lot of fun at work. I am in an arrest drought. I can't find someone wanted or someone carrying drugs for the life of me. I really wish cool things just fell into my lap. That would be great. If I could catch my burglar that would be awsome. On the movie front I did watch "The Invention of Lying", very witty. That was a pretty funny movie. "Alice in Wonderland" wasn't that great. It's definitely geared towards kids and not the Tim Burton style I was expecting. It might have been more fun in 3D but we opted for regular 2D. The glasses get annoying.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You can Arrest Search and Seize What?

Great class today. Its refreshing to have a lawyer speak to you about how easy it is to articulate arresting someone. In a sue happy society full of wimps and miscreants it is nice to know the Supreme Court still has our back. Its all about the words. Things like "reasonable" and "suspicious" and "arms reach" and "frisk". All great broad terms that make my job way easier than one would think. All the more reason why intelligent educated police officers are important. Guess I should become one of those.

Work was fun the past couple of weeks. Saw my first tazing. That went exactly how it was suppose to. No one was injured, no one went to the hospital, and the suspect acted more appropriately after it was done. Can't deny our tools are getting pretty sweet.

I don't know what to do about the mundane policing right now. I'm thinking I need to upset more people. Get in their face a little more, become more assertive, and tweak them just a bit. Not out of bounds or to someone who doesn't deserve it but sometimes I just feel I'm to nice and I don't need to be, I'm not the one breaking the law.

After my most recent class I think more people are going to jail. Hopefully I can talk my way into finding those drugs a lot easier than before. Maybe even catch a real burglar. I don't have to worry about covering my ass anymore because it's covered. The law protects me better than I thought and that's a good thing. Because lets be honest, we all hate our things getting stolen and most of us hate dopers making more dopers making more crime. Its getting out of hand where they don't respect authority at all.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Work, Booze, and Whataburger

Work was kind of fun this week. Not a lot going on in my district, hopefully the burglar found a better neighborhood to hit in another city, maybe closer to home, gas prices are a bitch. Not a lot of report calls to speak of. A lot of old people dying of natural causes like old people do. We still have to go and check the bodies and get the information to make sure nothing bad happened, administrative state law stuff so not all horrible. Last night though an 89 year old man passed away with his wife in a separate bed next to him. That was a little awkward since he laid there dead for almost two hours before the coroner came. I can't say I want to do that again in my life; death doesn't bother me but I can't read how a family will react when I start moving around their dead parent or spouse. Some people laugh and some people cry and some people like that guys wife just said 61 years of a good marriage. That was a great way to end the mid point of my week.

Then off to the bar. The wife went out with friends from school last night and I met them at Rudyards in midtown. We sat, we laughed, we poked fun at each other and made way more noise than the bar probably would have liked us to, but who cares because we're paying customers. I see the appeal of why my brother lives where he lives. He can work, play, shop, and live all within a relatively small circle. That seems to be the wave of the future, or should I say the rebirth of the city. That's how it used to be before the 70's and 80's when everyone left the city for the burbs. The commuter was the way of the future. Strip malls and blocks and blocks and blocks of nothing but homes were the new tenement. I'm noticing a new trend though where the space between downtown and burbs is filling in with bars, restaurants, condos, town homes, high rise living kingdoms, and green trails and parks. Work, live, eat and play in your own small community. Go back to that pub "where everyone knows your name" and shop at the market, not the HEB/Kroger/Walmart/Target Megaopolis super store. Pay a little more for all of it but have the feeling that your part of a community and not an ant running through the maze of a warehouse full of stuff you didn't need in the first place; found at rock bottom prices because it was imported from a country that has made slaves of its people to supply you with 10 dollars t-shirts and 100 dollar electronics. Businesses like that don't survive in small communities near real cites because the tax base is to expensive and no one cuts them a break; the bottom line is more important than customer service and ethical business practice. I'll get off the soapbox for now but these are the reasons I want to move and can't possibly settle in the burbs like so many people do.

Back to the fun of the bar; Whataburger was the choice of the drunks last night so being the only sober person I drove. You would have thought I was drunk though after turning down a one way street to pull into the parking lot. In my defense I've never been there and there wasn't a big do not enter sign like there are in so many places. Even better the second I pull in there's an HPD officer in the parking lot just shaking his head. Nothing better than the rent a cop/security guy who can't cut it as a real cop giving me the stink eye the entire time. Sometimes I can't believe the people the state entrust with a gun. I do remember now though why we don't go to eat after bars; there is always that guy who is a little to loud and little to racy to sit next to at 3 AM. If your that guy you know who you are and you know exactly what I'm talking about so tone it down a bit. All in all a good night of work and good night of fun. I really enjoy doing stuff like that and should do it more often while it's still socially acceptable behavior for someone my age.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The wide world of Gaming

If you haven't been to the Xbox website recently and checked out Project Natal, you don't know what the world of gaming is in for. Full body recognition; remote free, interactive gaming. If this doesn't shut down the Wii I don't know what will. I can't describe to you the possibilities; go check it out if your even the slightest bit interested in the next generation of entertainment. Wait until it's all in 3-D.

I've played more than my fair share of games the past few months. I can't imagine living without my X-box. Modern Warfare was a good game. I don't say great because its not my favorite genre; first person shoot everything until you die and then try it again because the bad guys don't change their approach or where they come from until you've figured out the timing and angles and which weapon system works best for that given situation. I like summing up a game in a single sentence.

Then of course I've played more Rock Band and more Rock Band and every Rock Band that's come out because my inner child should have learned to play the drums. That concept is by far one of the most clever and creative ideas of this generation of games. The next step on that one is downloading your songs into an application and that software turning anything you want into rock band tunes. If Apple doesn't jump on that one and make another billion dollars someone will cash in.

One of my favorite movies and cartoons growing up was Ghostbusters; so when I heard last year a video game was coming out I had to get it. This particular story was told before basically. It combined the concepts of the two movies into basically a third short film. The game play was fun; smooth and graphically up to par with best of them. I heard somewhere they had some trouble getting some of the actors to sign off on doing the voices but It really made the game that much better. Imagine another one with Project Natal...ooooooooo how fun.

Then on to my favorite new game Assassins Creed 2. All I can say is I wish there were difficulty levels because your character is to much of a bad ass to ever die. With the right moves nothing in this game is impossible the first time around. The maps were fun and scenery was gorgeous. If this game doesn't make you want to visit Italy it should because I've been there and it still looks the same but with modern clothing and the occasional scooter instead of horse. The story was intriguing and kept me wanting more just like the first one. It ended with me pissed because I know 3 won't be coming out until at best 2011. Games of this magnitude are so much fun and so worth every minute spent in my opinion because they really do bring you into a new world.

Games I will hopefully play in the next couple months: Fable 2, Mass Effect 1 and 2, BioShock 1 and 2 (I've got some catching up to do), and after just looking at the soon to be released list at Xbox many more. It might be a fun year for games. May have to work some more overtime to afford it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slackers shouldn't go the Super Bowl

I know you all have this at work. That guy or that girl or that person or maybe that boss who just doesn't seem to pull their weight. Their always taking to long to complete a project you know shouldn't take that long or always dodging any extra work and just generally screwing everyone but themselves. I know everyone has that person. They don't enough not get fired but they don't do enough to be considered employee of the month. How can you be that person and now hate yourself? Because guess what; we all hate you!!!

Go Colts!! Go Saints!! In your face Rex Ryan. Thank you Peyton Manning and your comeback defense. I wouldn't have been able to stand hearing for the next two weeks about the first rookie this and the first Hispanic quarterback that and how much Rex Ryan loves himself and New York. Because you know whats better than all that...more funny Peyton Manning Sony commercials. And if I had to hear Favre one more time I think my ears may have started to bleed. I'll give the man his due respect but he blew the game for his team by throwing an interception across the middle of the field. I could care less about a questionable spot on 4th and 1. He could have thrown the ball away and gone for another pass or ran the ball up the field a bit to make the kick possible; but no he believed he could complete an impossible pass rather than trust his kicker. Oh the shame. If he quits now this will be his legacy. If he comes back it could get worse or could he possibly have a better season than this one? Right now though the Vikings don't have a sure quarterback next year. Rosencopter and that other guy who sucks aren't exactly all star prospects. And with a possible uncapped year the Vikings could pay their way into another championship game. My moneys on him coming back, getting injured, and the Vikings falling just short of a wild card slot next year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dust and Jake

I do believe the worst chore in the world is dusting. It reminds you of how dirty you are and how disgusting your house is when you start wiping the dirt away from all your furniture. Toilets aren't as bad as dusting. Washing my car isn't as bad as dusting. And now I feel dirty than ever. Because you really can't catch all the dust. Inevitably you just stir some of it off into the air and it lands on the closest thing; you. And now I'm dusty; in my mouth, up my nose, my eyes, and my hands feel like sludge. Not to mention I can't stop sneezing and won't be able to for about 2 days.

The vaccum seems to have the same effect. It collects quite a bit; enough to make a small poodle with the dog hair it picks up, but it still just stirs up all the small particles in the air and covers my whole body in a thin film of gunk. Cleaning is so much fun.

So I choose music to make it more enjoyable. Today it was Less Than Jake. Rocking to the Jake is one of my favorite things to do any day of the week; so add it to cleaning and I'm in a mediocre state of being that made the last two hours not so bad. Of course when the dust settles and I can breath again it'll all be worth it for about 3 days until the dogs shed more and dust blows in. The perpetual cycle of cleaning.